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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Solat and The Day of Judgement


**A story to be shared...hopefully it may be benificial to shaa Allah**

There were only 15 minutes left before Isya'
He quickly made Wudhu' and performed Solatul Maghrib
While making Zikir, he again remembered his grandmother
and was embarrassed by how he had prayed
His grandmother prayed with such tranquility and peace
He began making Du'a and went down to make Sujud
and stayed for a while

He had been at work all day and was tired
He awoke abruptly to the sound of noise and shouting
He was sweating profusely
He looked around
It was very crowded
Every direction he looked in was filled with people
Some stood frozen looking around
Some were running left and right
Some were on their knees with their heads in their hands...just waiting
Pure fear and apprehension filled him as he realizedwhere he was
His heart was about to burst
It was the Day of Judgement!

When he was alive, he had heard many things about the questioning on the Day of Judgement
But that seemed so long ago
Could this be something his mind made up..?
No, the wait and the fear were so great that he could not have imagined this
The interrogation was still going on
He began moving frantically from people to other people
To ask if his name had been called
No one could answer him
All of sudden, his name was called
And the crowd split into two and made a passageway for him
Two angels grabbed his arms and led him forward
He walked with unknowing eyes through the crowd
The angels brought him to the centre and left him there
His head was bent down and his whole life was passing in front of his eyes like a movie
He opened his eyes but saw only another world
The people were all helping others
He saw his father running from one lecture to the other...
spending his wealth in the way of Islam
His mother invited guests to their house and one table was being set while the other was being cleared

He pleaded his case...
"I too was always on this path,
I helped others,
I spread the word of Allah,
I performed my Solat,
I fasted in the month of Ramadhan
Whatever Allah ordered us to do...I did
Whatever HE ordered us not to do...I did not"
He began to cry and think about how much he loved Allah
He knew that whatever he had done in life would be less than what Allah deserved
And his only protector was Allah

He was sweating like never before
And was shaking all over
His eyes were fixed on the scale, waiting for the final decision
At last, the decision was made
The two angels with sheets of paper in their hands, turned to the crowd
His legs felt like they were going to collapse
He closed his eyes as they began to read the names of those people who were to enter Jahannam

His name was read first
He fell on his knees and yelled,
"How could I go to Jahannam..?? I served others all my life, I spread the word of Allah to others.."
His eyes had become blurry ans he was shaking with sweat
The two angels took him by the arms
As his feet dragged, they went through crowd and advanced toward the blazing flames of Jahannam
He was yelling and and wondered if there was any person who was going to help him
He was yelling of all the good deeds he had done
How he had helped his father, his fasts, prayers, the Noble Quran that he read,
he was asking if none of them would help him.

The Jahannam angels continued to drag him
They had gotten closer to the Hellfire
He looked back and these were his last pleased
Had not Rasulullah S.A.W said,
"How clean would a person be who bathes in a river five times a day, so too does Solat performed five times cleanse someone of their sins..?"

He began yelling,
"My prayes? My prayers? My prayers?"
The two angels did not stop, and they came to the edge of abyss of Jahannam
The flames of the fire were burning his face
He looked back one last time
But his eyes were dry of hope and he had nothing left in him

One of the angels pushed him in
He found himsef in the air and falling towards the flames
He had just fallen 5 or 6 feet when a hand grabbed him by the arm and pulled him back
He lifted his head and saw an old man with a long white beard
He wiped some dust off himself and asked him,
"Who are you"
The old man replied,
"I'm your prayes.."
"Why are you so late! I was almost in the fire! You rescued me at the last minute before I fell in!"

The old man smiled and shook his head,
"You always performed me at the last minute, did you forget..?"

At the instant, he blinked and lifted his head from Sujud
He was sweat
He listened to the voices coming from the outside
He heard Adzan for Isya'
He got up quickly and performed his Solat

p/s : Solat itu tiang Agama..jangan ditinggalkan jangan pula dilengahkan

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