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Saturday, 2 February 2013

The Mr.Fuji DSLR

Not to say my new hobby, but don't know why...lately I really addicted to it! Photography using my DSLR. Oh, by the's not my own DSLR. My brother hands over his DSLR to me. I never plan to buy any DSLR at this moment. But thanks to him, because after using that DSLR for a couple of months, I suddenly fell in love with this gadget...seriously!

But mine isn't an expensive DSLR. And of course my brother won't gave any expensive gadget to me! It's just Mr.Fuji by FujiFilm...huhu >_< By the way, really grateful to have that. So many things I can learn. How to suite the ISO with the environment. How to setting  the aperture. How to snap the picture with best shot and angle. How to bla bla bla...

This model (Fujifilm FinePix HS10) designed with 30x optical zoom. So, for the beginner like me, I don't bother to fine another lens. And I love to shoot with easy rotation of the lens to zoom in and out. It's perfect enough for me, to learn and do some practical. Maybe after mastering this DSLR, then I'll decide to buy another DSLR with advance spec.

p/s : and maybe after this "the photos" will take over my entries...there's a story behind the photo..huhu >_<

~ Dylla Abas ~

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