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Thursday, 31 January 2013

One Step Closer (1)

Alhamdulillah. The only phrase to express my feeling nowadays. Why..?? For HIM of giving me a chance to continue this life. For HIM of blessing me with all the loves that I don't deserved. And for all the best things happened in my life, I'm grateful to have HIM. Ya Allah, syukur alhamdulillah (",)

They said, "when Allah S.W.T takes something that we think the best thing in our live, HE will replace it with something that HE planned better for us." I had to admit, and everybody must's damn true! Every single thing that happened in our live, is the thing that Allah S.W.T planned for us, a long time ago before our birth, as we call it as Lauh Mahfuz. I'm pretty sure every single Muslim in this world knows what's the meaning of Lauh Mahfuz. In a simple words, it means the destiny of someone or something that has been written by Allah S.W.T before HE created it.

And for me, life is so meaningful with this colourful destiny. Life will be more appreciated with one after another trials. All these trials left some impact in life to make us better and mature enough. But yes, sometimes me myself can't accept all the things happened. Sometimes I feel the extreme sadness of my failure. Sometimes I complain about my imperfect life. Sometimes I envy with others. And yet, I keep wondering why this and that happened to me...?? And this is a normal phase in life. Not only me, but all of us.

That's why we're are asked to always look down. Look at those people who are more suffer. Look at those people who are need more than us. Friends, please keep saying "alhamdulillah". You'll be more grateful, more thankful to life, to Allah S.W.T who's giving your life.

Not to be so confident, but I feel Allah S.W.T is answering my prayers, my 'doa'. After one by one bad and good things happened, I feel so relieved. Honestly, I'm calm. Even after 'si dia' left me. I can still smile. The real smile, the most sincere smile. And of course everything happened because of HIM. HE knows the best for me. HE gives me what I ask, what I want, what I need most in life. HE gives everything that HE planned for me. HE bless me with HIS love so that I know, the real love is just from HIM, is just for HIM. And I feel so regret to say that I ever gave my 100% love to "si dia". Astaghfirullahal'adzim. That's the big mistake in my life. And I promise it won't happen again in future. In shaa Allah.

And to start all over again isn't as easy as ABC. I need to really "redha" with everything happened, with everything that has been written in my book of life. And the most important thing, I have to be strong. Really strong so that I can continue my journey to the end. And how to be strong..? There're few ways. For me, the best way that I did is back to Allah S.W.T. Back to my nature. Love myself. Lots of "Istighfar".Self-motivation. And get ready to face a new chapter in my life.

Some friends once asked, "what is your new year resolution, Dylla...?" I have few things in my list. But there's ONE I have to carry forward from year to year. And that ONE is always make me feel mad, sad, stress and bla bla bla. And that ONE also affect my parents. Ya Allah, is that ONE can be done by this this that my "mission accomplished"...??

p/s : And what's that ONE...?? Will be continued (",)

~ Dylla Abas ~
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