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Monday, 19 November 2012

It's A Silent Mode


When everytime I login into Blogspot, Facebook or Twitter, I'll always wondering - is this part of my daily routine...?? It's something like you addicted to it. Without it, you can't continue your life like a normal human being. Is this supposed to happen in our life..??
I'm not creating any reason to stop blogging, facebooking or twittering. The STOP term never crossed my mind...err, at this moment. Sometimes, I just feel tired. Or in another word...bored! Is it normal to feel like this...? Is it normal when I feel like to stay away from all these stuff...?? Is it normal when I think all these isn't worth it...?? Lately, I don't have any idea to write a new entry. I let my blog "idle" for a few days before put an effort to update with some new stories. Gosh, why this feeling captures me...???

Sometimes, I want to be disappeared for a moment. Don't want to bother with my surrounding. But, can I be like that...? Can I pretend like nothing happen eventhough the things happen and really bother me...?? Hypocrite. Am I...??

So, dear La Mia Storia...I'm so sorry because I have to ignore and leave you for these few weeks. Im totally out of mood. Until we meet again in future.

p/s : BW will still contiunue as usual (",)
~ Dylla Abas ~
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