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Thursday, 12 January 2012

A Day At Sg. Chiling, Kuala Kubu Baru

It's been so long I'm not involving myself in any camping activities. Yes, camping! When talking about camping, I'm pretty sure some of you will imagine there are a tent, campfire, barbeque etc. And that's happening on my last camping at Sg. Chiling, Kuala Kubu Baru

Well, I was just joining my cousin and her husband to spend my boring weekend. After all, I never reach this waterfall area before. Sound so interesting when my cousin asked me to join them. Without hesitation, I just agreed. 

Pintu gerbang - Entrance

It took about 40 minutes from my place, Bukit Beruntung, to reach there. I enjoyed the all the way journey before reach that place. We went through the Hulu Selangor Dam and wondered to stop and take some photos. But finally, I made the decision for us to just continued our journey. We reached there on 9.15am. All the participants were there waiting for us! Sorry guys, not my mistake being late (",)

sedang membuat pemantauan ketika yg lelaki sedang mendirikan khemah

Walked about 5 minutes from the entrance, we reached and straight away registered our attendance. After all the procedure done, all gentlemen in our group took part to build up 3 tents, finding woods for campfire purpose, and seemed eager to jump into the river. I was acting like a Supervisor, who's supervising the work to be done properly...hahaha

Kecuali aku, yg lain2 tu semua dah berstatus ISTERI okay (",)
After lunch, oh yeah, we had barbeque and Darabif burger (lamb) for lunch ** Darabif is a frozen product ** we start our jungle tracking..yes!! But the excited feeling was turned down when I had not to wear a shoes along the tracking way to the waterfall area!! Can you imagine that..?? It's horrible!! My feet became thin and blisters. No wonder they were all wearing slippers. I couldn't wear shoes because of the tracks was constantly wet and muddy. I didn't want to bring wet shoes home. So I have no choice...sob sob =(

Bridge yg mesti dilalui untuk ke kawasan waterfall
There were 7 crossings before you can reach the waterfall area. Only 1st crossings you have to walk a bit far from another crossings. And for the rest, you have to cross the river!! It's not bad. It's a very interesting experience.
Tengokla aku yg terpaksa berkaki ayam...sedih sungguh =(

And finally we met the most wonderful view in the world!! my world only (",) The best part was there were so many Kelah fish swimming happily near us. And for your info, Sg.Chiling is a place for Kelah Sanctuary.

Mencabar nak cross sungai ni...deras weh!!

Cantik kan view nya..?? Abaikan model 2 orang ni ye..huhu :p

Well, everything's going smooth on that day. No one get injured. Everyone enjoyed the day. And for me, this was the best camping activities in my life (",)

Muka lega lepas tiba semula di kawasan khemah

Group Picture
"Gambar kelas" bak kata husband sepupu aku (",)

p/s : bestnya kalau dapat buat gathering dgn kawan-kawan blogger kat sini kan (",)

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