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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Gathering at Naili's Place

My 1st gathering since became ex-MJC..!! 7 of us met at Naili's Place, Sentul around 9.30pm. Sorry to say, but my 1st impression when I saw the Naili's Place entrance - "Oh, my! Why my friend told me Naili's Place has a nice views..?? Does she trying to make fun of me..??"

Well, I was quickly assess things without knowing the truth in advance. My impression turned to - "Wow, such a nice place!" after a few steps into the restaurant. So gentlemen, please don't judge a book by its cover, okay!! Hoho (",)

The menu's not bad. I, myself tried the Naili's Special Fried Rice. Talk about the presentation, yes, it's very impressive. But, I gave 3 star for the taste. Actually, I don't prefer to eat 'nasi goreng' at that kind of places, so the selection of the menu may not be done from the earlier. Just because I felt so hungry, so without any hesitation, I just chose the menu. Well, maybe I should try another menu next time (",)

As you eat in places like Secret Recipe, the price is also quite affordable. You can eat and enjoy the view in the same time and also entertained by the nice songs. I'll consider this place as my future plan re-union with my schoolmates.

Enjoy the pictures..!!

p/s : credit to Seman De Alfonso for the sweet and memorable photos..!!

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