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Friday, 14 October 2011

I'm Proud To Be Blogger

Well. It's Friday. It's 388 days I called as the Blogger. Passed a year. So, are you proud to be the Blogger, Dylla..?? Yes, I do!! ** jawab dengan penuh keyakinan (",)

Why I'm so proud to be the Blogger, even though I just hit 96 followers only...? I don't really know why I'm so proud. But, the main reason I keep blogging is just because of them...My Readers!! They are not only the followers, but they are my readers. They read everything I wrote in my blog. They comment every entry I posted. They share their ideas and experiences for me to become a good Blogger, one day soon...insyaAllah.

A big THANKS for your visiting to my blog...!! Love you all so much...!!

The owner for this Moon-Keyz blog is called Fattah. He writes not just for fun. He shares his experiences, and lots of motivated entries inside his blog. Love to read every single entry posted inside. Fattah, please don't stop blogging!!

She prefers to be called as Puteri. This name is really suits me (",) Another motivated blog I love to enter. Her words are very simple, but deep inside there is so meaningful. Puteri, thank you for your 1st Segment. From there, I have my faithful readers now, including yourself.

My favorite blog...!! A Sabahan teacher called Cikgu Jumadil a.k.a Gen2merah. With red theme (err..his car theme only), his blog also full of advising and motivating entries. Although sometimes he just posted a Hadith and something like poems, but I surely most of his followers love to read them. Cikgu, thanks for every single advices you advised me (",)

1st thing about this blog...BUTTERFLY!!! I love butterfly. This is one of the reasons why I became her follower. She's called as Queen of Butterfly. She shares everything, her experiences and lifestyle with others. Never feel bored to read her entries. Thumbs up Queen!!

This blue-black blog is owned by Ezad. Overall, I like to blogwalking his blog. Not just meet their obligations as a follower, but I do really enjoy every entries his posted. He writes what he thinks. The simple words make the followers enjoy their reading.

The cute blogger in my list!! She's called as Tina a.k.a Kechique. Prefer to use MK to describe herself, she writes what she feels and what she thinks. Never miss to enter her blog everyday!! Although sometimes she have no idea to write anything, but the way she tries to post something in her blog was so impress!! MK, love your writing, please keep blogging ya!!

Another Sabahan teacher is called Kancil 8349. Like other followers, he also doesn't forget to leave a comment in my entries. And because he is a teacher, I can't argue every advices in his comment. Cause everything is true. Thank you cikgu!!

And the final one goes to..........PINKY MOMMA!! Really enjoy to read about this graduted momma who is proud to be a housewife. Feel so excited to read about her life with her encit papa and her two heroes. She's expressed everything happened in her writing. Credit to MK ** refer above because I knew this Pinky Momma from her (",)

The rest...?? Not because I don't adore you. I'll express my appreciation with another way, another time. I'll wait the best moment to write more about my followers. Thank you so much for following my blog and read my writings.

p/s : gila arr..hari ni aku asyik speaking je kot..english tunggang-langgang dah aku rasa..hahaha

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