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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Busy to fill up application form

Haa...tu dia!!! Tajuk omputih sangat!! Jom tulis entri dalam english plak. Boleh la meng'improve'kan mana-mana yg patut di'improve' tak..? Tapi, perbualan kat bawah ni memang dalam english okay (",)

"Hello, may I speak to Miss Dalila please..?"

"Yes, speaking..." (jawab teragak-agak sebab confirm sang pemanggil tu MELAYU)

"Hi, I'm Fauzi from .......... I'd viewed your resume and would like to call you for an interview. Do you still intrested in this post..?"

"Err..yes.." (dalam kepala dok fikir betul ke aku ada apply kerja ni..)

"Good. Can you please come on next thursday at 8.30 am..?"

"Sure. 8.30 am. Who'll I meet there..?"


"Okay. Err..where's your location, sir?"

"We are at Jalan Munshi Abdullah. You can take Putra LRT and reach Dang Wangi Station or take Komuter and reach Bandaraya Station.."

"Copy that. Thanks sir. Meet you on next thursday."

"Okay. Assalammualaikum.."

Waalaikumussalam. End of conversation. Well... interview!! Should I or shouldn't..?? Hmm..I'm waiting for this moment for so long. To have any better offer before I'll be transfered to Manjung. But, why don't I feel good..? Memilih..? Banyak songeh..? Gosh..teruknya Dylla!!!

p/s : Okay. I'll go. Just to try my luck there. Who knows..?? Wish me luck buddies. Now, it's time to fill up the application form..yeahaaa!!
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