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Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Great Things Happen When....

1. You Broke Off
It hurts. Trust me. But once you broke off, you'll know yourself better. You can spend more time for yourself. It's time to motivate yourself. Think and remember every single thing the best part of yourself. Do something new. Make-over. Hang out with friends. Try to avoid being alone. It'll worse the situations. Appreciate and thankful for the experience given to you. Not all couples out there face the same experience like yours. Say this to yourself : "She/He will regret for losing me. I'll start a new life tomorrow. I'll be better without her/him."

2. You Lost Job
It miserable. How to survive your live without job...? Unless you have a saving. Or, maybe you have a part-time job. Then, you can back up your living while the new offer come. This is the great time for you to get rest. A REAL rest that you can't have when you were working. You can be more energetic to start a new job with new environment. In the meantime, you can gain more experience at the new place. You can improve your post-level. You can feel more appreciate the job given and will do the best, or better.

3. You Become Disability
It unbelievable. You were the active type. You couldn't just sit without doing nothing. But suddenly, you become disability. How's your feel...? Hurt...? Rebel...? Bad Temper...? It's normal. It's the process for you to accept. But, once you accept the fate has fated on you, you'll be thankful because you can still breath, you can still alive. Don't use the words YOU CAN'T. Coz everybody in this world has their own problems and dilemas. You are the one who can help yourself. You are the one who can handle all your problems. It's depend on you how to handle. Not every disability will bring you a bad luck. You are so lucky because you are the one who's been chosen. The Almighty wants to see how far you can stand with HIS test. HE loves you so much. So, please love yourself and appreciate the live.

There's more example. But these 3 are the most happen in live. Just remember, no one wants the trouble come into live. It's human being. It's happen everyday, everywhere. Just live your life. Don't bother yourself with all these problems.

p/s : Allah Maha Pengasih lagi Maha Penyayang (",)

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