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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Dinner At The Appartment

Date : 16th March, 2011
Venue : The Appartment, The Curve
Event : Dinner Time!!

Went together with my officemate, out of bored town of Kundang, trying to find something new, The Appartment was chosen as our dinner place this time. Very nice place, nice view, very friendly waiter & waitress, The Appartment can get 4 star from me (exclude the food ok..)

Seared Salmon Stik - the taste was not so bad. I want to reccomend this to those who like Salmon. The dish presentation quite ok (3.5 star)

Chicken Wrap - I'm not sure about the taste, coz I didn't taste it. But this was 2nd time my fren order for the same menu. Maybe she like it so much. In the other words, the taste is good (3 star)

Duck Pasta - I tasted it, once, but the taste was just ok. Not so good, but not too bad. Or maybe coz of 'duck' factor. Hahahaha (3.5 star)

Mushroom Soup - OMG..!!! Out of taste!!! I can't believe I ordered this soup for my intro meal. Can't finish it at all. I remember I stop at 3rd spoon...(1 star)

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