They're My Best Buddies

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Someone Called Friend

Friend..?? What does it means actually..? Is it something like we can throw away when we feel boring of it..? Or is it something that we can keep closing forever..? For me, friend is something to complete a life. Eventhough we have a very happy family, but we still need a least ONE bestfriend.

I have a few friends that can be considered as my bestfriend. But at the end I realized, I have only one bestfriend who will acompany me, no matter how condition it is. And to HER, thank you for being such a great bestfriend. Hope we could be a good friend until the end of time, as you always mentioned to me that I am your BFF (",)

Sometimes, I our live without friend..? Of course we can do our routine all alone. Plus, our daily schedule also not involve anyone called friend, right? With boyfriend or fiancee or husband, we can share everything, we can spend so much quality time together. But still, a quality time with some friends will leave a happy moments in our thoughts. Coz friend is someone who will stay beside you without any doubts. Ah, I love my friends so much!!

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