They're My Best Buddies

Wednesday, 22 September 2010


When talking about family, I like to introduce my family to all. I have a couple of lovely parents, Mr. & Mrs. Abas, I have 1 married big brother (he has a cute wife & son), I have 2 younger brothers (1 of them married already but separated live with his wife..his wife is a kindergarden teacher at Terengganu there) and the youngest one is my sister. She's only 17 years old and will sit an exam this end year..SPM!!

So, it's a little intro of my family. We live happily although not together (coz everyone of us has our own commitment). We used to have an arguement among us, we used to fight and yelled to each other, we used to hate at each other, we used to do almost everything like other family does..but still..we are a happy family. Because of that, we are getting closer and closer. And at this moment, I still miss my family very much even we were just met at last Hari Raya, a few weeks ago.

My dad, he's very sensitive person, caring but do not know how to show it, understanding but sometimes not (I think all dads in this world will be like that too), and  the best part of him is...he is very very very very bad temper. OMG, why should I say it's the best part. I may be out of my mind. But because of that, we, his child become a great child (I think so..hahaha). He's so stubborn, even until now he's still so stubborn. And I think I have this stubbornness from him..urghh!!

My mom, she's the most wonderful mom in the world!! I think every kids will say their mom is the best mom ever after..hehe (",) My mom is my bestfriend. She's the only who can really understand me, who can really read my mind and the one who can really make me feel calm and comfortable. I always wonder, if one day soon I'll become a mom..can I be like her..?? Only GOD knows.

My siblings..?? Hmm..until 28 years old I live in this words could describe about them..they are the best part of my life..

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